Top Women in Aviation & Aerospace Spotlight: Alessandra Testa

Paving the way for women who are looking to excel in sales and business management is Alessandra Testa. She is an experienced professional with a consistent record of market-beating sales in the commercial and private aviation industry.


As of 2021, she is acting as the Chief Commercial Officer and the head of sales for Jet Club, a private aviation company. She has also served in sales positions in many other aviation companies and has experience in working with international clients. 


Her skill set speaks for itself. Many of her clients and colleagues have endorsed her to be highly skilled at sales and management in Aerospace, business development, and management. 

Alessandra Testa

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sales, JetClub

Alessandra Testa

Alessandra Testa

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sales at JetClub

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Passionate aviation professional

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Chief Commercial Officer

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To learn more about JetClub and the benefits of fractional ownership

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Inspiring minds

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This is my latest interview with EVA International where I had the opportunity to speak about JetClub launch, our services, our inclusive culture and what the future of post-pandemic private aviation will look like.

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