Top Women in Aerospace & Aviation Spotlight: Adva Amir

Another Leading Ladies Of… and Top Women in Aerospace & Aviation Adva Amir, who’s at a very young age proves that a woman has a place in Aerospace and Aviation being a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor. In most of her interviews and talks, she wanted to break stereotyping in Aerospace and encourage the aspiring young generation to believe that you can be what you want to be and leave the gender norms behind. #GirlPower


Adva Amir

Co-Founder & CEO at Direct | TEDx Speaker | Pilot, Direct

Adva Amir

Adva Amir

Co-Founder & CEO at Direct | TEDx Speaker | Pilot

Average Post Engagement:



Israel / US

What I use Linkedin for:

Promote women in aviation, Networking

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Who am I:

I strive to inspire more women to join the aviation world. I want to show them it’s possible against all obstacles and challenges. Furthermore, I’m changing the perception in hope to close the big gender gap in the aviation industry (only 6% of women are airline pilots around the world). Big exposure, more role models and fewer stereotypes will encourage more women to join this amazing and unique industry.

My TEDx talk – “how women can change the world of the aviation industry” presents an in depth look on my way in aviation and how I believe women can change it. 

What I do:

Airline Pilot

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I’m sharing my passion.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Two of my favorites: Erika Armstrong and Dan Price – fun, unique and inspiring.

Erika Armstrong

Author, A Chick in the Cockpit

Dan Price

Founder/CEO, Gravity Payments

My favourite or most successful post:

This post reached over 3M views. When I first shared it I had no idea it will inspire so many people. I was absolutely shocked from the amount of messages I received from people who my post pushed to follow their dreams.

“People told me I’m too young

People told me it’s not for women

People told me I’d never be a pilot

People told me I’m too gentle to fly an airplane

People told me I’ll never make it to the airlines”

I didn’t listen to any of those people and this week one of my dreams came true. It was a hard, challenging, and uncertain journey, but I was determined and so focused that I saw nothing but my dream in front of my eyes.

4 years ago I got to the US alone with 3 big suitcases, 2 kg of Halva, 1 dream, and 0 experience in aviation. Last year, after years of hard work I was hired by the airlines. I thought I finally made it. However, the world had other plans for me, and I was sent home in the middle of training due to COVID-19. It was a challenging year, my future in the aviation industry was doubtful, but I stayed optimistic and this week I flew my first trip for the airlines.

TLDR: Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. Now is the time. Get out of your comfort zone and go do it. Whatever that is.”

Have you wondered why females make up only 6% of airline pilots?

You can find Adva’s TEDx Talk – “How women can save the future of the aviation industry” in the link below:

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