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Top 62 Women In Aerospace and Aviation to Follow On LinkedIn 2021

Overwhelming one hundred and twenty-four nominations. Fifty-seven google form responses answering the question what they do, who they follow on LinkedIn, are their most successful post. We ranked the list by using the criteria "Average Post Engagement" where we averaged the nominee's ten recent posts and one successful post.

Top Women in Aerospace & Aviation Spotlight: Adva Amir

Another Leading Ladies Of… and Top Women in Aerospace & Aviation Adva Amir, who’s at a very young age proves that a woman has a place in Aerospace and Aviation being a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor. In most of her interviews and talks, she...

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Top Women in Aerospace & Aviation Spotlight: Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong 429,753 Aviation Enthusiasts | Airline and Business Aviation Captain | A Chick in the Cockpit | VP Aviation Business Development | Author | Marketing | Keynote Speaker | Networking = Sales!, Advanced Aircrew Academy Erika Armstrong 429,568 Aviation...